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Francesca Thorn

A passion for the sea developed in Francesca Thorn as a young girl. Her family summered on the island of Vinalhaven off the coast of Maine and for countless hours she entertained herself by exploring the calm inlets and bays in the near surroundings. Her favorites discoveries were the submerged islands that only exposed themselves and their unpicked treasures at low tide. When she returned from her daily explorations, the bottom of her wooden dinghy would be lined with sparkling shells and sea glass. Her greatest pleasure was that no two items she found were ever exactly alike. This quality of "the unique" has followed Francesca through her life.

As a young woman she became a chef and was known for being able to unite almost any combination of ingredients and spice into an amazing meal, which was both appetizing and attractive. This culinary gift led her to cooking aboard yachts and eventually to becoming captain of a charter yacht in the Caribbean where she found solace at sea with the perpetual movement and change.

Eventually Francesca found her way back on land and used a flavor palate influenced by her journeys to open several restaurants including her own café in Camden, Maine.

Inevitably the tides of her life carried her west to the warmth of the California sun where she further expanded her artistic talents. This was when a childhood inspiration was reignited and she began making jewelry from "treasures of the sea" for herself. And within that childhood memory she relished in the warm recollections of her adventures and savored that no piece could be bought "off the shelf." The exclusivity, in which she took pleasure, she soon realized other woman desired also, and Sea Strands was born.

Francesca's handcrafted jewelry emphasizes individuality. Each extraordinarily and intricately defined piece is one-of-a-kind and a treasure... just likes the woman who wears it.